Some people don’t like God.
They say he’s a tyrant,
Indifferent or capricious or cruel.

They think he causes calamities:
Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes,
Cancer, heart attacks, AIDS,

Accidents, murders, burglaries,
Pregnancy, depression, poverty,
War, famine, and plague.

Were he good, they assert,
He would use his power
To prevent suffering.

Since suffering continues,
He is either not good
Or not God—powerless.

Meanwhile the god of this world
Lies and steals and kills
And destroys all he can.

He hates everything,
Freedom for sure because
It could scuttle all his schemes.

Even so God still softly sings
Into the cacophony
And shines into the darkness

Because some sing along,
And the darkness still
Can’t master the light.