Jesus, it gets hard sometimes
   to walk this Christian Way.
Girls treat me like a brother,
   and guys just think I'm gay.
You never had a girlfriend,
   and you never went to school.
Can you send a girl to love me?
   Can you somehow make me cool?

Jesus, I'm dejected,
   and I don't know what to do.
I'm supposed to be somebody,
   but I'm not quite certain who.
Can you give some direction?
   Can you please make up my mind?
I'm not ready for adulthood
   And I'm kind of in a bind.

He smiled and poked his finger
Through the middle of his wrist
“I know just how you feel,” he said.
“Or at least I get the gist.”

Jesus, can you give me
   about eighty-thousand bucks?
I’m in debt up to my eyeballs;
   I could use a change of luck.
I would play the lottery
   if I thought that I could win,
But the odds are stacked against me.
   It might even be a sin.

Jesus, I’m depressed
   and I don’t know where to turn
Someone has misled me
   about how much I could earn
I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried,
   but it’s my wife and kids who suffer
I’m so sick of being poor,
   and I don’t think I’ll recover.

He smiled and thrust his hand
Into the hole the spear had made
“I know just how you feel,” he said.
“You’re life is disarrayed.”

Jesus, I’m so sorry;
   I’ve been such a fool, I guess.
My life is a disaster—
   never seen a bigger mess.
I’ve always been a sinner,
   but I thought I was okay.
Please forgive me, Jesus,
   and teach me how to pray.

He smiled and opened wide his arms
And held me close and tight
“I know just how you feel” he said,
“To give up being right.”