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Little Faith


We were all tired. He told us to cross the lake. He would catch up with us later. The wind was against us, so we took it in turns rowing. It was getting on toward dawn when one of the guys saw what looked like a man crossing the lake—without a boat. We were all terrified. It had to be a ghost or some illusion. The figure came closer, and seemed as if it would pass by, but one of the guys started wailing in fear. We tried to hush him, but it was too late. The thing had heard us and turned toward us. Then we heard it call across the water above the sound of the wind and waves.

“Don’t be afraid; it’s me.”

We all recognized his voice. We didn’t know what to think. Then I had a wild, mad idea.

“Lord,” I said, “if it’s really you, tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come on then,” he said.

The guys tried to restrain me, but I shook them off and jumped out of the boat. My feet hit something that felt like wet sand, and I stood there with the waves lapping around my knees. Then I started toward him, feeling my way gingerly. Every step was like the first one: putting a foot into the water and finding a surface that supported my weight.

As I got farther away from the boat, it suddenly hit me that what I was doing was not only impossible but foolish. The shore was still too distant to be seen in the darkness. The wind was still blowing and whipping waves up against my body. I put another foot forward and touched nothing. I fell, and the water was suddenly all around me. I managed to get my head above the waves and see him still standing just an arm’s length away.

“Lord, save me!” I gasped.

He reached down and grasped my arm and pulled me out. He practically carried me back to the boat, and we climbed in, me drenched and gulping in air and him standing over me with a look of such concern on his face.

“You of little faith,” he said, “What made you doubt?”

We were all amazed. What kind of man was this? He had to be the Son of God. While we were all still marveling, the boat scraped bottom, and we found ourselves at the shore, which must not have been as distant as we had thought.


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