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Common Sense Economics


Common Sense Economics bookRead and comment on my blog.

This book is so good that I don’t know if I can adequately convey how good it is. Most people, including me, think of economics—the dismal science—as arcane, abstruse, dry, and dull. This book proves us wrong. It will make economics come alive for you. You will find not only that you understand the news from Washington and Wall Street but that you can shape reasonable critiques of the news you hear based on sound economic principles.

The authors do an excellent job of distilling their subject into four parts. The first deals with basic principles, some that you’ve probably heard before and some that you may have never thought of. The second deals with major sources of economic progress. (Surprise! Stimulus spending is not one of them.) The third deals with the role of government in economic progress. It should be required reading for all voters before the next election. The last part deals with key elements of personal finance, and it alone would be worth the cost of the book.

Get this book and read it. Then put it into practice. I plan to give a copy to each of my children.


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