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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

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  • Why Faith?

    Why does God insist on faith? This is a question of some importance. It would be so easy for him to persuade us completely by reason alone. All he would have to do is make regular appearances and do a few tricks for the crowds. If he would make himself observable, we skeptical humans could […]

  • Biblical Illiteracy

    Christian churches no longer teach the Bible. That is the inescapable conclusion of a report on Bible literacy released earlier this year by the Biblical Literacy Project. Researchers conducted a survey of teenagers in which they asked questions about the Bible. Students were asked, for example, to identify which of four statements about David was […]

  • Bitter Pills

    Last Thursday our youngest daughter had a serious asthma attack brought on by a bad cold. She woke us up at about 4:00 am barely able to breathe. After a call to our clinic, we took her to the hospital emergency room. They ended up admitting her, and she spent a day and night in […]