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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

Tag: children

  • Book Bans

    When my youngest daughter was in ninth grade, her aunt took her to a bookstore and told her she could pick out any book she wanted for herself. With so much to choose from, she was somewhat at a loss. She started browsing in the young adult fiction section, picking out a book, glancing at […]

  • Armchair Christian

    I’m an armchair Christian. I don’t mean that my beliefs are not sincere or that my faith has not faced trial, but compared to the first disciples, I have done little to advance the good news about Jesus. Like the teacher of the Law in Matthew 8 who volunteers to follow Jesus without being called, […]

  • Childhood Games

    Somewhere in the middle of the last century when children played outside with little or no adult supervision, my brothers and sisters and I played a variety of games whose origins I have forgotten. Here for posterity I will recall and explain them as best I can. The earliest game I played with my older […]