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Tag: evolution

  • A Glimpse Into How I Read the Bible

    I wrote the article below in 1983 when I was in college. We had visiting speakers talking about creation and evolution. It was my view at the time that both speakers mishandled the scripture, using it improperly to “prove” their points. The article was printed in the college newspaper, and I still stand by it.…

  • Thoughts on Science and Religion

    Read and comment on my blog. I’ve always had an interest in science. Even as a very young child, I can remember puzzling over day and night. How does the sun get back to the east to rise? What are the stars? I remember imagining that the night sky was really a huge inverted colander.…

  • Evolution Survey

    While the process is certainly unscientific, I would like to get an idea of the range of views on evolution and how they intersect with belief in spiritual reality. The survey is anonymous. Please comment. [SURVEYS 2]

  • American Unreason

    Reading Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason made me very uncomfortable. The book chronicles the history of anti-intellectualism in American culture from the Revolutionary period to the present. It’s an excellent book, well-written, carefully researched, intelligent, and witty. Jacoby, a self-avowed secularist and freethinker, is evenhanded in her treatment of what she calls “junk…

  • Mind Before Matter

    There are only two possibilities. Either mind arose from matter, or matter arose from mind. Either we, with our minds having such apparently limitless potential, arose from billions of years of chance meetings between various bits of matter, or everything that is was purposely created by a mind vaster than we can imagine. Which is…