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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

Tag: fear

  • Little Faith

    We were all tired. He told us to cross the lake. He would catch up with us later. The wind was against us, so we took it in turns rowing. It was getting on toward dawn when one of the guys saw what looked like a man crossing the lake—without a boat. We were all […]

  • Bend at the Knees

    Originally written in 2008, this piece by Belinda Burkitt still resonates in a time of pandemics and renewed protests over racial violence. Chip Burkitt, editor. “Bend at the knees!” Something I can remember calling out to my young children as we ventured across an icy patch on a winter walk in Minnesota. My husband and […]

  • Cultivate Wonder

    One of the worst sins I am often guilty of—and my wife and children can attest to it—is scorn. You know what I mean. Scoffing, diminishing the excitement or wonder of others. Parents often do it to their kids. Why do we do it? I think there are two reasons, both based on fear. The […]