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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

My Strengths


These are my top five strengths as determined by the StrengthsFinder assessment. For a complete description of these strengths and the StrengthFinder tool, consult Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.

  1. INPUT—I have a craving to know more. I like to collect and archive all kinds of information. I thrive in an environment with continuous information feeds.
  2. INTELLECTION—I am characterized by intellectual activity. I am introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. I enjoy thinking as an activity.
  3. LEARNER—I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites me.
  4. BELIEF—I have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for my life.
  5. ANALYTICAL—I search for reasons and causes. I have the ability to think about all the factors that might affect a situation.

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