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Tag: food

  • Good Question

    My daughter-in-law brought homemade cinnamon rolls to our Thanksgiving Day celebration. Our family decided to get together all day, so we started with breakfast. She asked me what I thought of her cinnamon rolls even though everyone else had already raved about them. “I don’t know if they’re really good,” she said, “or if everyone […]

  • A Taco Journey

    My mom learned to make tacos in southern California during the 1950s. She and my dad had moved to the San Diego area because my dad had enlisted in the Marines, and he was stationed for a time at Camp Pendleton. After my dad left the Marines, they moved back home to southern Ohio. I […]

  • Reflections on Having Longer Hair

    I grew my hair out over the past several months. It has been an enlightening experience. My daughter, Jane, claims I have mullet now. “No, I don’t,” I say. “Yes, you do,” she says. “Business in the front, party in the back.” Regardless what you call it, my hair is certainly longer than it has […]