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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

Tag: bible

  • Mary’s Choice

    Jesus was an itinerant teacher with disciples—what we might today call student interns—who traveled with him to hear what he taught. He and his followers subsisted on donations. There were twelve disciples, all men, but also a number of women who traveled with him and helped support them from their own means. When Jesus entered […]

  • Wanting Magic

    One of the attractions of the Christian faith, at least for me, is the tall tales in the bible. You know what I mean: floating axe heads, parted waters, men unsinged in a fire pit, lightning from a cloudless sky that obliterates not only the sacrificial offering but the very stones on which it was […]

  • Pretenders

    Every society has them, people who learned early that your image is more important than your real character. They care about what people think, and not just any people, but people they don’t even like, people they despise, people to whom they believe themselves superior. So they play a part, pretending to be a good […]