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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

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  • Pegged

    I think every human being experiences some tension between wanting to belong and wanting to be seen as a unique individual. In recent years that tension has become increasingly politicized. I grew up in a family devoted to Christ. Some of my earliest memories are of church, and they were overwhelmingly positive. I enjoyed the […]

  • Shame is Invisible

    I have never been a fighter. Even when I was just a toddler, I was not one to hit or try to hurt others. I don’t consider this a virtue; a willingness to defend yourself is an important life skill. From my earliest memories, however, I was always afraid of hurting others, so I was […]

  • Battleship!

    When I was a child with seven siblings, we used to play a paper-and-pencil version of Battleship, the strategic guessing game. We didn’t have home computers, copiers, or printers, so we laboriously drew our own Battleship grids on notebook paper. We usually played at the dining room table with hardback books shielding our papers from […]