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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

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  • Flesh

    The New International Version of the Bible consistently translates the Greek word “σαρκος” as “sinful nature” in contexts where it refers to that part of a person that tends toward sin. Older translations had it as “flesh,” and I think something is lost in the newer rendering, namely, the connection with the body. Indeed, it […]

  • Repent!

    John the Baptist, Jesus, and his followers all called on their hearers to “repent.” It’s a religious word that has lost its meaning. It conjures up images of homeless men bearing hand-lettered signs: “Repent or perish.” It seems to belong to the fringes of fundamentalism, a seedy, down-at-heel, countrified Christianity. It’s no longer fashionable to […]

  • Amoral Abstinence

    My daughter, Claire, was selected to help teach sexual abstinence to sixth graders in South Saint Paul. She’s a good choice because she has strong views about it herself. She believes that God intended sex for married couples. Sex outside of marriage is just wrong. This view is so at odds with the prevailing view […]