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Thoughts on religion, politics, life and death. And other banned topics.

Tag: love

  • Love and Fear

    Read and post comments on my blog. My last blog provoked a response from my son, Chad. He wrote: I found this in a book called Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield, and I think it applies well to many things in our lives both as men and as Christians—perhaps there is very little difference between […]

  • Plus and Minus

    Read and comment on my blog. Ever notice how every good thing has a flip side? I’m not talking about dualism, where every virtue has an equal and opposite vice. No, I’m talking about the flip side of positive motivation. The Bible is full of it. Look at the number of times people are told […]

  • My Hero

    I wrote this a few years before my mom died. I know my dad still grieves for my mom, but he has also shown remarkable resilience. He keeps busy volunteering at the library, taking meals to shut-ins—often to people younger than himself—, and taking trips to visit family. Because of his unshakable faith, he views […]