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Voter Fraud


In 2016 Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. In 2020 he lost again, this time by 5 million. The first time he was so incredulous at having lost, so disturbed by evidence of his own unpopularity, that he formed a commission in 2017 to uncover the massive fraud that he claimed must have taken place. That commission came up with nothing. This time Trump lost not only the popular vote but the election, yet his go-to response is the same: there must have been massive voter fraud. Trump cannot conceive that a sizable majority of Americans have rejected him as President. Starting from the premise of his own popularity, he can only conclude that the same unspecified, shadowy forces that have undermined his presidency at every step have now succeeded in undermining his re-election. There must be voter fraud because everybody loves him.

The only thing missing is evidence.

In fact, the Trump administration’s own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued a report stating that the 2020 election was the most secure ever. It’s claims are backed by Secretaries of State from all 50 states. While there are instances of errors and mishandling and even the occasional attempts at fraud, there is nothing of a scale to actually influence the outcome of the Presidential election. In 2017 Trump claimed that millions of votes were fraudulent, for he lost the popular vote by millions. Having lost again, he is making the same unsupported claims, but this time around election officials across the country have taken extraordinary measures to safeguard the election. It is simply not possible for voter fraud to exist on a scale consistent with a Trump win in 2020. He needs to acknowledge his loss and transfer the reigns of power peaceably and with whatever integrity he can muster.


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